Ven Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayaka Swaminwahanse

Ven Kotugoda Dhammawsa Anunayaka Swaminwahase

Ven Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayaka Swaminwahanse  An epitome of principled life

Born on January 26, 1933, in Kotugoda, Gampaha, to the family of Mr and Mrs E H Rodrigo, the Venerable Anunayaka received the primary education at the Buddhist Mixed school (presently Rahula Vidyalaya). In 1948 he got into the community of Sangha under the tutelage of the late Most Venerable Unawatune Dhammapala. As a a Buddhist monk, the Venerable Anunayaka commenced his education at the Paramadhamma Chethiya Pirivena , Maligakanda, Colombo under the guidance of the late Most Venerable Valane Sattissara, late Most Venerable Maho Sumedha and late Most Venerable Rajakeeya Panditha Palannaruwe Wimaladhamma. The English education was received at Padhanagara Dharmadutha Vidyalaya, Maradana and Pembroke College, Colombo 7.

On July 10, 1954, he received the higher ordination at the Udakukkhepa Seema Malaka in Kalu Ganga under the patronage of the late Most Venerable Agga Maha Panditha Beruwala Siriniwasa Mahanayaka. As the Buddha instructed the first five disciples ‘Charatha Bhikkhawe Charikan, Bahujana hithaya, Bahujana sukhaya’, the Venerable began his humanitarian service thereafter.

The scholarly service in relation to his religious activities has been numerous. Since 1965 he was instrumental in initiating the issuing of the Dhamma leaflets each months by the Baudhdhodaya Sangamaya at Dharmapalaramaya, Mount Lavinia. He has contributed a large number of scholarly articles to the newspapers such as Dawasa, Budusarana, Dinamina, Divayina, Lankadeepa and the journals such as Rasawahini, Sinhala Baudhdhaya, and Tharaka.

The emperor Asoka understood the futility of Dig Vijaya and decided to enlighten the world and himself through the practice of Dharma Vijaya. So many individual understand the necessity of a religious life after inflicting heavy losses on others and him. The Anunayaka has been the most impeccable in playing a vital role of a religious ambassador.

The most Venerable Anunayaka began his Dharmadutha activities and it was extended to the countries like India, Nepal, Japan, USA, Pakistan, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Russia, Mongolia, Siberia and Singapore. Both at home and abroad he has been a versatile speaker sharing his knowledge through immaculate preaching.

After the demise of the teacher the Anunayaka Thero has developed the temple Dharmapalaramaya at Mount Lavinia and established Upali Dharmashramaya, Kataramaga and Sri Lankaramaya in Myanmar. Apart from these the Anunayaka serves as the patron of Buddhist and Pali University in Sri Lanka, Baudhyodaya Sangamaya, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

The Anunayaka has received the following honourary degrees and titles for the services rendered towards the betterment of the humanity; the Adhikarana Sanghanayaka of Amarapura Chapter, the Anunayaka and the Registrar of Amarapura Chapter, the Joint Secretary and the General Secretary of Amarapura Chapter and the Agga Maha Panditha Honrary Degree from Myanmar. Other than committing his own life and time for the enlightenment of the humanity the Anunayaka has gifted a large number of pupil monks to the Buddha Sasana to continue his religious services. There are pupil monks from Nepal, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Denmark and Sri Lanka.

All those who hope a better world join their hands unanimously to wish the Anunayaka a long and a healthy life to continue all the services that he has been continuing so far. Being an asset to the entire world my the blessings of the Noble Triple Gems be with the Anunayaka always: ‘Sukhi Dighayuko Bhava’.

The Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayaka was appointed as the Supreme Patriot Chairperson of the entire Amarapura Chapter and the act of appointment was presented to the Most Reverened on October 3, 2008. May the Maha Thero live long to enrich the Sambuddha Sasana.

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